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Back after a long radio silence

Well, I’m back after a long radio silence.  Do you ever just need some time to process and re-group?  Well, that’s my excuse. 

So, I’m back, but this time, I’ve decided to take a slightly new approach to this blog.   Instead of just talking about my journey, I want to start sharing more about what I’ve learned about doing IVF outside of the good ole USA. 

Perhaps something I say will in some way help other fertility warriors along the way–those exploring or doing IVF,  donor egg IVF, donor embryos, surrogacy or any other fertility treatments abroad.  And I welcome your comments or questions as we go along together in this journey.  

One thing I want to say up front…I will try very hard to ensure that there are no judgments here. I truly believe that each person has their own path and you should feel comfortable exploring your options and then making informed decisions about your fertility choices based on what feels right to you for your family. I have realized after many years in infertility circles, the controversies abound and the passions run high – after all, most of us are in some phase of disrupting our hormones.  So, while I may touch on “hot topics” or controversial topics (such as “how old is too old”, single mothers by choice, donor disclosure, pre-implantation genetic testing, gender selection, selective reduction, what to do with frozen embryos, etc.) my goal will be to present balanced information and let you, the reader, make your own decisions.

I have now personally worked with more than 50 women (and often their partners) helping them facilitate their IVF treatments abroad. In addition, I have recently started a big research project about “fertility tourism” – exploring the treatments, costs, success rates and other details about ART (assisted reproductive technology) across the globe.  Along the way, with much time, money & research invested, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) more about this subject than I ever would have imagined when I started this journey planning my own treatments.

As a thank you to those who have generously shared with me along the way and as a sort of “pay it forward” to anyone else in this process, I hope that what I’m sharing will be valuable and help you in some small way in your path of achieving your dream of having a baby.

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