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The Embryoscope Time Lapse Video monitoring that I talked about here made the US NBC Evening News!   Here’s a link to the NBC News report which provides very interesting video showing how Embryoscope works and what doctors see as its primary benefits: http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/50997885/#50997885 Although the medical reporter … Continue reading

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So often in my work, I encounter women who have truly been through infertility hell – with so many heartbreaking losses on their path to parenthood. We often talk about grief and those losses along the way – the loss of the … Continue reading

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The path of infertility is so often filled with disappointments and sadness, that it is easy to misplace the hope you had when starting on this path.  And the more treatments that don’t result in a positive outcome, the harder … Continue reading

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After talking with lots of women experiencing infertility or pregnancy losses, and going through the journey myself, I have become convinced, that once we finally are pregnant, many previously infertile women often experience a sort of infertility post traumatic stress disorder.  I do not … Continue reading

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