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IVF Concierge Service

The IVF Concierge Service is available to patients seeking IVF or donor egg IVF treatments (including patients doing IVF using a gestational surrogate). My experience has included working with hundreds of patients from all over the globe — including the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom (including England, Ireland, and Scotland), Italy, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Bulgaria and others. I can quite easily work with anyone who is English speaking, regardless of where they live — by using email, phone calls and Skype video calls to maintain effective communication throughout the process.

The IVF Concierge Service generally starts once a clinic has been selected (available as a separate clinic selection service if needed). Once a clinic is selected, I can assist with the following:

  • arranging a date with the clinic (you will contract directly with the clinic and pay them directly)
  • assist with clinic communication (upon request) including important questions to ask the doctor/clinic
  • helping you prepare thorough medical record details for the clinic (with a summary sheet highlighting key facts)
  • assist with planning your local pre-treatment screenings or tests and ultrasounds
  • guidance for what to expect throughout the process
  • help source the most cost effective options for medications including possible low cost or free programs
  • recommend budget friendly travel tips and vacation ideas
  • offer discounted contract rates with select hotels
  • provide itinerary planning
  • help with sperm or egg donor selection (if applicable)
  • help review your specific medication protocol and send reminders of important dates
  • assist with planning medication timing when traveling through multiple time zones
  • answer questions to help you prepare for all of the details of coordinating your cycle abroad
  • answer questions to help you know what to expect while traveling (currency, language, tipping, customs and other helpful hints)
  • provide resources and tips once you are home and pregnant

Often patients find that having someone that is English speaking and available by phone, email, Skype or text (with emergency after hours access) can be helpful and reassuring and put their mind at ease for the treatment.

I can usually help patients save more money on medications and travel planning alone than they will pay for my concierge service fee. After all, I realize that fertility treatments are expensive enough, so my goal is to help make it more affordable and accessible - while offering the personal touch.

My services are very individualized: I am happy to only provide assistance with the clinic selection process, just consulting services, or I can provide just the concierge service to assist you throughout your treatment preparations through the first trimester of your pregnancy.

In addition to personally going through IVF treatments (at top fertility clinics in the US and abroad), I have provided my consultation services to hundreds of patients traveling abroad for IVF treatments. If you decide to work with me, you can rest assured that you will be working directly with me, not an assistant or other staff member. Upon request, I am happy to provide references of people who have used my services.

You can also be assured that there is no conflict of interest; I strictly work on behalf of my clients, and I never take referral fees or payments from any clinics.  You can read more about How We Are Different from most agencies. 

Not everyone needs this concierge service, but for even for experienced travelers, sometimes it is nice knowing someone else has experience and knows what questions to ask. It can be helpful to know that I will stay on top of the details and provide encouragement, information and reassurance helping you focus on being relaxed, confident, and well-prepared for your IVF treatment and a wonderful vacation too!

Contact me via email to schedule a no obligation call to talk about my services and whether they may be beneficial to you.