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What is meant to be

I sometimes question my long-held belief that if things are meant to be, they will happen. 

Certainly, there is nothing like a failed IVF cycle to make you question that belief.  But yet, I remain convinced that I will have the child (or children) that I am meant to have – maybe just not on MY time table. 

I’m sure it is obvious that the result of this cycle was not as we had hoped.  But, here are the bright spots:

1) We learned some new information that hopefully will help us be successful if we decide to try again.

2) I am even more convinced that my choice of clinics abroad was an excellent choice.  I do not know of any other IVF clinic in the world that would have treated me so fairly and with such compassion. 

In fact, due to the low chance of success with the embryos that were transferred (resulting from circumstances that no one could have anticipated), the clinic elected not to charge me a single penny.  Not one.  They told me I could pay them for the cycle if and when I had a viable pregnancy.  So, the clinic absorbed the total cost of that cycle (aside from my medications).  And furthermore, they have offered for me to come back and do another cycle but only paying 1/2 the regular cost – with the caveat that I pay the other half if (when) the pregnancy is deemed to be viable (after heartbeat, etc.).  

Now tell me, what clinic in the United States would offer this kind of guarantee and shared risk arrangement without charging a large premium for the shared risk guarantee?  I don’t know of one.  

For now, we will take some time to digest what we have learned, do some more research, then make some decisions about our future plans…in search of what we hope is meant to be.

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One Response to What is meant to be

  1. Victoria says:

    Thinking of you as you slog through it. While I know that this was not the result you were hoping for (or that I was hoping for for you), you do have options and the opportunity to take advantage of them when you are ready. And, from the little bit I know of you, that just might be sooner than later.

    I’m always around if you need an ear…