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Clinic Selection Assistance

Clinic Selection is perhaps the most important decision you will make regarding your IVF treatments, and for many people, it can be overwhelming.  What country? What clinic? How do you choose?  And that is where our Clinic Selection Assistance program can help make the process easier and more managable.  You might also want to read more about Picking The Best Clinic.

So many factors can impact your clinic selection process, and there is no one "right" choice for everyone.  To decide which clinic is right for you, we need to review your fertility history, desired treatment, your age, marital status and other factors to determine which clinics options may be available to you.   Other factors that may also be given consideration include (but are not limited to):

    • What are the success rates for my age range for the desired type of treatment?
    • What are the prices for services and what is included or excluded?
    • What are the costs for medications and how are they obtained?
    • What testing is required in advance?
    • How many days/weeks do you have to be in the country for treatment?
    • Is there a wait list?
    • How do they schedule patients? (by blood group, certain days of the month, etc.)
    • Do they offer donor egg IVF treatment?  If yes,
      • are donors anonymous?
      • what testing is done on the donors prior to acceptance?
      • what ages are the donors? 
      • what donor details are provided?
      • who does the matching and what requests can I make?
      • does the clinic have available donors have your desired ethnicities & characteristics (hair/eye color, blood group)?
      • what happens if the donor does not respond well to medications?  Is there a backup option?
    • Do they offer donor embryos or embryo adoption programs?
    • Do they have a frozen egg bank (unfertilized frozen donor eggs)?
    • Do they offer ICSI, PICSI, MESA/TESE if necessary?
    • Can they accept frozen sperm shipped from the male partner?
      • Can they handle/store sperm from men testing positive for STDs (such has Hepatitis?)
    • Do they offer donor sperm? 
      • Can they accept frozen sperm shipped from sperm banks?
    • Will they treat singles, or unmarried couples, or non-traditional couples (LGBT)?
    • Will they allow treatment with a transfer to a gestational surrogate?
    • What is the age cut-off for patients, if any?
    • Do they offer genetic testing of embryos (PGD)?
    • Do they allow gender selection?
    • Do their laws limit the number of embryos that can be transferred?
    • What options are available for frozen embryos?
    • Are any guarantees offered?
    • Do all of the treating doctors and staff able to speak & write English fluently? If not, are translators available for questions during treatment? 

Because the laws of each country vary, as do the rules of each clinic, some countries or clinics may be better suited to a specific treatment type or situation.  And rather than you taking on the overwhelming task of contacting each clinic separately to gather the information, we are developing and constantly maintaining a database of clinics and details so we can provide the important facts to help you narrow your selection within your criteria. 

Our Clinic Selection Assistance program starts with an intial phone consultation (generally between 45 - 90 minutes) where we discuss your fertility and medical history, any known health factors, desired treatment, budget, ability to travel, and we discuss and explore other priorities you may have for clinic selection. 

After that initial meeting, we access our database of clinic information and do additional research through our contacts to narrow the selection and provide you with a custom report listing the top 2- 4 clinics within your criteria along with key facts about each clinic to assist you in your decision making process.    We will provide details regarding each clinic's wait lists, whether they offer expedited service through an agency, their published pricing (along with any discounts offered to our clients), success statistics and tips for dealing with them along with key contact information for you to be able to contact them directly if desired. 

Once you have selected a clinic, we also can offer our IVF Concierge Service to hold your hand and walk you through every step of the process along the way, for your treatment and even through the first trimester of your pregnancy.

To talk to us about our Clinic Selection Assistance program, contact us via email with your questions or to schedule a call to talk about how we can help you pick the best clinic for your needs.