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How We’re Different

Unlike most agencies or facilitators who represent a single clinic (thus are financially compensated to send patients only to their clinic) we do not accept any compensation of any kind from any clinic.  You are paying us a fee to represent you,  advocate for you, and provide objective advice to help you select the clinic that is the best match to your requirements.

Most fertility tourism agencies or faciliators offering package services for IVF treatments abroad or IVF vacations are contractually tied to a single clinic or a small handful of clinics (generally only one per area or country) so they are advocating for their clinic.   Normally, you pay the agency a package price and the agencies may receive a slightly discounted treatment rate from the clinic for their patients in exchange for providing assistance in preparing the patients for treatment.  In many cases, the agencies have pre-reserved treatment dates or are able to get priority dates (if there is a wait list at the clinic) and you pay a slightly higher fee to use an agency than if you contracted with a clinic directly (this can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars).  The agency may also include some advance planning, coordination and travel assistance as well, or offer it as an option.

The other option patients may have is to book treatment directly with a clinic for treatment.  This may be slightly less expensive than booking through an agency, but sometimes can bring challenges in communicating with the clinic or doctors due to language barriers, patient load, timeliness, frequent staff changes, cultural differences - or sometimes just being 6 or more time zones away can bring its own challenges.  Of course, just like in the US, each doctor or clinic coordinator is unique and your experience may or may not be enhanced by having an agency or consultant like IVF Traveler to assist in the process.

The great news is that we can help you work with any clinic or agency.  We are different because we have no financial or contractual obligations to any clinic or agency, and in fact, we do not accept any referral fees or advertising fees of any kind from the clinics. This way we are not influenced financially, so we can truly help you find the best clinic choice for your criteria and budget, and then assist you in the planning and preparation if you would like our services in that area too.

Because we are not tied to a specific clinic, and we do not receive any money or compensation from the clinics or agencies, you can be assured that our interest is offering advice and information that is impartial and in your best interest.  You are paying us for our expertise and services on a flat fee basis.  That comes with easy access to Sue — someone who speaks English and has lived through infertility challenges, personally experienced fertility treatments, and has helped hundreds of other patients with their IVF treatments.  We have seen many difficult cases and lots of successful pregnancies, and can help you know what questions to ask and things to consider prior to treatment.  That also means we are sympathetic to the rollercoaster of emotions and questions that often come along the process.

If you would like to learn more about how we work, or how we might be able to help you with your case, please schedule a short, no obligation phone consultation with us.  These consults are normally scheduled Monday through Friday between 9a-2p California time (PST) in order to provide a range of times that will work for West Coast, East Coast and even our clients from the UK or other European countries.  Please let us know one or two options for your preferred time and date for a consult in the notes area when you email us the request.  You can use our contact us form or just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You will hear back from us with a consult confirmation within one business day.