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SART 2011 US IVF Success Rates for Donor Eggs

The 2011 IVF and donor egg IVF success rates were published by SART, and we see some interesting changes in the top clinic statistics.

The United States national average live birth rates for a fresh donor egg cycle is 54.9% (based on 9332 transfers), and 35.7% for thawed embryos/FET (based on 6641 transfers).  Here’s the interesting part – it is actually slightly lower (fresh success rates) and virtually the same cycle numbers compared to 2010.   In 2010, SART reported live birth rates of 55.6% (based on 9321 transfers) and 34.8% for thawed embryos/FET (based on 6183 transfers).  I honestly would have expected the success rates to be climbing overall with newer technology – but it seems that the national statistics of the number of reported cycles and the overall success rates are very similar to 2010.

US National Data – SART Reports



Fresh Donor Egg Live Birth %



# Fresh Donor Egg Transfers



Thawed Donor Egg Live Birth %



Thawed Donor Egg Transfers



3 of the top 5 clinics for fresh donor egg cycles  (compared solely by live birth rates) were no surprise – they are routinely in the top clinic stats.   This year, only 2 of the top 5 clinics, did fewer than 30 cycles (compared to last year’s statistics when I reported that 4 of the top 5 did a very low number of cycles).   Here are the statistics for 2011 highlighting the top clinics doing more than 30 fresh donor egg transfers:

#3 – Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago (Dr. Sherbahn) – 80% live birth in 75 cycles; in 2010 they were the #1 clinic with an 81% live birth rate

#4 – Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (aka CCRM – Dr. Schoolcraft) – 76.3% live birth in 139 cycles; in 2010 they were #9 with 76.4% live birth rate.

#5 – Oregon Reproductive Medicine (aka ORM – Dr. Hesla) – 74.5% live birth in 106 cycles; in 2010 they were #13 with 73% live birth rate.

Unfortunately, one of the other top clinics in the US for egg donation, San Diego Fertility Center, reports that they had difficulties in transmitting their data to SART, and so their numbers are not included in the SART statistics for 2011.

SART Fresh Donor Egg Stats AFCC – Chicago Dr. Sherbahn CCRM – Denver
Dr. Schoolcraft
ORM – Portland
Dr. Hesla
2011 Live Birth Rate




2011 # Transfers




2011 SART Ranking for DE




2010 Live Birth Rate




2010 # Transfers




2010 SART Ranking for DE




Of course, no discussion of US clinic success rates is complete without the obligatory disclosure: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful  because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches may vary from  clinic to clinic.   What this really means is that you shouldn’t rely on statistics alone, because clinics that take on difficult patient cases might not have the best success rates as the result.  There are many other reasons that data might vary from one clinic (and by doctor within a clinic), so it should be just one piece of the overall clinic consideration.

If you want some help deciphering the success rates or discussing what they might mean to you, I offer a clinic selection service consultation to help analyze the statistical data along with your priorities and assist you with selecting a clinic in the US or abroad.

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