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PVED Announces New Advisory Board Members

I am honored and excited to have been selected to join the Advisory Board of the nonprofit Parents Via Egg Donation as their IVF Abroad Advisor.  It is truly a distinguished group of colleagues on this board and I am delighted to be invited to serve this valuable organization.  Read the full announcement here:

Marna Gatlin, founder of Parents via Egg Donation (also known as PVED), has a passion for assist families touched by or considering egg donation and works tirelessly to educate, advocate and provide suport.  PVED is the nation’s leading source of education and support for parents or parents-to-be who want to build their families with the assistance of an egg donor or other types of third party donation, including embryo donation.

Parents Via Egg Donation is is a nonprofit organization created to provide an informational and supportive environment where parents and parents-to-be can learn and share information about all facets of the egg donation process. Its mission is to educate, support, and empower families and individuals at any stage of the process who
choose to use egg donation to build a family. It shares information about agencies, legal and medical professionals, treatment centers, mental health therapists, pharmaceutical companies, and other resources.

Visit PVED online at or their facebook page:!/parentsviaeggdonation

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