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US Clinic Donor Egg IVF Success Rates

Fertility Success Rates recently published their list of the top US clinics for Live Birth rates with Fresh Donor Eggs.  They are reporting that this data is based on the 2009 Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology (aka SART) IVF Success Rates data (note: not all reproductive clinics report to SART).

The top two clinics were no surprise since they have been on the top of most DE lists for several years.  However, a few other clinics who rounded out the top 10 were not who I expected, and a few that I expected to be there did not make the list.

Of course, this data is from 2009 cycles, so we know that the current statistics may be very different, and it is in the best interest of the patient to check with clinics for their most recent statistics.   When comparing recent statistics, I personally think that clinical pregnancies are a good indicator for recent comparisons before the live birth rate is available.  After all, the reproductive doctor gets you pregnant, but really has very little control over what happens after a clinical pregnancy is confirmed and you are no longer under their care.

And so without further ado, here is the SART 2009 IVF Success Rates for Fresh Donor Egg cycles at clinics in the US – listed with Live Birth Rates, and number of cycles:

  1. San Diego Fertility Center – 85.1% live birth rate per transfer, 67 cycles
  2. Oregon Reproductive Medicine – 82.2% live birth rate per transfer, 90 cycles
  3. Houston IVF – 80.5% live birth rate per transfer, 41 cycles
  4. Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine – 79.2% live birth rate per transfer, 24 cycles
  5. Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago – 74% live birth rate per transfer, 50 cycles
  6. Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists – 73.1% live birth rate per transfer, 93 cycles
  7. Reproductive Specialty Medical Center (Newport Beach, CA) – 73.1% live birth rate per transfer, 26 cycles
  8. Center of Reproductive Medicine (Webster, TX) – 72.7% live birth rate per transfer, 33 cycles
  9. Colorado Ctr. for Reproductive Medicine (Lone Tree, CO) – 70.6% live birth rate per transfer, 204 cycles
  10. Center for Assisted Reproduction (Bedford, TX) – 70% live birth rate per transfer, 30 cycles
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3 Responses to US Clinic Donor Egg IVF Success Rates

  1. Congrats to SDFC for their near-impossible to beat success rates. That said, their patient population must be very controlled given the low number of total DE cycles.

    It was more interesting to see CCRM further down the list, but the contrary could be true…even their patient requirements must not be as rigid given their 204 cycles. That is a LOT of monthly DE cycles. They’ve gotten so much positive press over the years that they are still seen as THE DE clinic in this country.


    • Sue says:

      Yes, surprising that the number of cycles for them seems to have decreased in 2009 – my guess is there was probably a dramatic increase in 2010 though.

      Now, here’s something interesting – Reprofit, in the Czech Republic, did far more DE cycles than both of these clinics. Here are their number of fresh DE cycles for the past years:
      2010 – 559 cycles
      2009 – 799 cycles
      2008 – 693 cycles

      I have found that overall the European clinics have lower success rates (usually around 65% pregnancy rate), but I believe they are less restrictive as to who is allowed into the program. Of course, the costs are much lower there too.

  2. Nurse Jennie says:

    This is great information for those who are trying to find the best clinic for their needs. It is great that their are resources out there to help people create a family successfully!!!