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Got a nail in my ear

I went to the local Czech acupuncturist today – the same one I saw last time I was here.  She’s a bit of  a trip. 

She is not exactly the soothing, supportive type; she’s more the shake her head negatively while feeling your pulses and tell you how bad your energy is.  I am sure she means well – but it’s not exactly comforting.

So, again this time she tells me my energy is low.  I said “yeah, that’s what you told me last time too” and smiled.  This time I wasn’t going to let it bother me.

She only speaks a little bit of English – so she keeps reminding me to speak slowly, and runs to her computer to figure out how to translate a word here or there.  She does try so very hard.  She even gives you a list of foods you should be eating based on your horoscope and energy, always very interesting.

The acupunture philosophy here seems to be to find the spot that hurts the worst and then jam a needle into it.  It only hurts for the first 10 – 15 seconds though. She also burns some moxa (smells like a cross between incense and pot) on your belly and tells you to let her know when it gets too hot so she can move it around before it burns you. 

But the real reason I will always remember her is the nails in the ear.  Apparently meant to assist with implantation, they are permanent needles that are supposed to stay in for 1 month.   Mine didn’t last quite that long last time – but my dear friend T also got the ear “nail” last time and now has twins to show for it, so I figured it was worth doing again. 

So, I’ve been officially “nailed” by the acupuncturist.  Now I just need to remember to turn the darn thing with a magnet every day without demagnetizing my credit cards or computer in the mean time.

Tomorrow is the big transfer day.  I have no idea how many embryos are still growing.  I decided against checking on them yesterday, so it will be a surprise.  Hopefully a good one. 

The progesterone has fully kicked in already with all of the exciting accompanying symptoms – but I’ll save the fun details of that for another day. 

Wish me luck, peace, and sticky vibes tomorrow!

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