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A perfect 8

Although I’m no Bo Derek, I always wanted to be a perfect 10. 

But today, I was never so happy to hear I was an 8.   My lining that is-8mm.  

Now, for a little background.  Last cycle, my lining was only a measly 4.6 at this stage of the game.  That was almost thin enough to cancel the whole darn cycle.  Fortunately, by increasing the  medication, that time I was able to get it to 8mm before my transfer.  But, the result was a big fat negative.

So this time, I have been understandably nervous about my lining. The doctor changed my protocol and started me on a higher dosage of estrogen right away.  That was good, but two days ago, I started bleeding.  Not a lot, but enough to scare me.  Usually that’s the sign of shedding your lining – possibly the LAST thing you’d want to have happen at this stage. 

So, I went to todays ultrasound definitely concerned, but hopeful that I’d get at least 5mm (given the fact that I just lost part of it by bleeding).  I knew that whatever that doctor told me would determine whether this cycle is still a “go” or whether it would be cancelled.  The minimum acceptable lining for a transfer is 7mm.  No pressure.  LOL

You can’t imagine how shocked and happy I was when the doctor told me it was 8mm.  I still have 5 full days of lining building estrogen, so chances are good that it will be even thicker by egg collection date.  That is some good news to get at this stage of the game. 

So for today, I’m very happy being an 8.

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